Farm Sale Report

I was a very bad girl today and went to a local farm sale, I really needed a bit of time off the farm and had planned to go to a talk on how to root cellar veggies but I got sucked in by the thought of my first farm sale in four months. There were a number of things on my approved buy list, and DH had flagged a few things as possable B-Day gifts ideas.

So off I went, it was a busy sale, tons of regulars and I got there early and still got the last parking space in the lot and the second last chair, there was standing room only for most of the sale.

So one of the things that I like to do at sales is see what is happening in terms of what the folks want so here is my overview

  • Best Buy of the sale- a 3000 dollar two peice china hutch less then 4 years old that still had the paperwork with it, that went for 25 dollars.
  • The what the @#@&#& of the sale was three canadiana blue and white plates with children playing hockey that went for a thousand dollars a peice as a set of three.. wow, could I come up with a better use for 3 grand.
  • Gold and Silver were much higher in value this year(Duh) but No one! wanted anything to do with brass.
  • Cast Iron anything was up in cost compared to last year by a good amount.
  • The price of knifes, swords were up.
  • Anything to do with furniture was dirt cheap
  • Coffee Grinders were very high in price, as were oil lamps and crocks-Folks were paying as much or more for the old crocks then what buying the same new would cost.

Now on to my own stuff

  • DH’s B-day present a set of five books- can’t go more into detail cuz he reads the blog.
  • B-day present for my ma-See reason for no details above.
  • A New anthropomorphic critter teapot for my collection-Teapots are easy to come by, whimsical critter teapots not so much 15.00
  • Got a Solid old wooden/metal hand scrub board so I can wash a few things in a tub without running the machine and then hang to dry-I have been looking for these but as they are considered collector items, they tend to go 50 an up and I am so not willing to pay that, but today, I was able to get one for 15.00
  • Best Buy was a set of four oak chairs that match the oak table I got a couple years ago, I got them for 2.50 per chair.
  • The best 2 buck buy of the day- was a box of hand powered steel meat grinders, six grinders plus extra grinding plates in total for 2 dollars.
  • My So Didn’t need it, but so had to have it, was a 25 book collection of a complete teaching cooking book set for 6 dollars.  Given that I have a ton of cookbooks this was not really required but what got me, beyond the fact that this is an amazing set of teaching books, was the fact that this books were from a time when everything was done from Scratch.. Nothing in this books call for a can of this or a package of that, every single recipes includes how to make it all from the basic’s and that is not something that is easy to find in todays cookbooks.

So what do you think, What was my best buy? Did I overpay on anything in your mind? Did I get a wow deal today?

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3 Responses to Farm Sale Report

  1. queen of string says:

    Any thoughts on how I would find out about farm sales? Plenty of farms here, never seen a sale advertised 😦

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wish I had been with you. I really enjoyed the one we went to last year and I love that little teapot you are showing in the photo. I don’t understand how furniture can go so cheaply when it is in good shape. I still regret that one we let go. Next visit I hope we can go to another farm sale. I can remember Bubba (DH’s grandmother) using the scrub board and how rough and red her hands would be after a day of washing. I see you got your meat grinders and DH’s birthday present. Good and best buy – the four oak chairs. Ma

  3. Hello Ma

    I am sure we will be able to find a sale the next time you are out, its always a good way to have a outing off the farm and you just never know what you will find.

    As I only want to do the family cloths daily on the scrub board if I am not doing whites that day, not all my laundry, I am not finding it all that hard on the hands so far 🙂

    Glad you like the chairs as the best buy, it is nice to have ones that match, well at least four of them.. I was amazed myself at how little anything that was furniture was bringing a six peice living room set for 200, that included couch, loveseat, and two chairs and two stands, all in good condition, now it was a bright pink with oak trim, so that needs a certain person to like it but still..

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