Turkey Tail Mushroom

turkey Tail Mushroom

The amazing version of the colors that can be found that are all Turkey Tail Mushroom is a delight to our eye and mind..  these ones are so pretty in person.. outstanding..

Most this beauty is to old to harvest and I am just fine with that.. I will know where to find it next year in its prime and I will be back..still I was blessed with a very good harvest of perfect young, fresh as you can see above in the bowl.. 

These were hand picked, then carefully trimmed and into my dryer on the lowest heat setting possible for herb, and I will do just as much as needed, I am drying then allowing to cool and air dry, then another bit of drying as needed.. they will be kept as whole as possible till use.. only once I take my bit off will I grind it to get the biggest possible surface to reach the water as part of a immune boosting tea.

Do you look for and harvest Turkey Tail Mushroom or do you buy it from the health food store? or do you just admire it from afar for its beauty!

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4 Responses to Turkey Tail Mushroom

  1. valbjerke says:

    I wish I knew more about mushrooms, we have many kinds growing here. I ask around and online but most people aren’t knowledgeable either. Turkey tail – can’t say as I’ve ever seen those in this area. We have shaggy manes, chanterelles….those I recognize.

    • Hi ValB, while I am not 100 percent sure but I would honestly be so surprised if you did not have Turkey Tail, its considered one of the most common N.A. mushrooms.. it grows on so many kinds of dead or dying wood.. in this case these were found on willow stumps but I have seen on so many different kinds of woods.. and they come in so many shades of colors, while there are a few false mushrooms, they are pretty easy to tell apart as muchrooms go.. making them one of the safest to find and use..

      I will do more on them next year, what they look like in the spring.. and maybe you will be able to find some next year.. they are really on the very end of season and I expect past in your neck of the woods but next year!

      • valbjerke says:

        That would be awesome if you could post some pics yes. Sitting here thinking about it, and after you mentioned dying wood, I have a sneaking suspicion I have seen them growing on the ends of the poplar logs we use to build our garden beds. I’ve even taken pictures of them one year – which I’m now going to see if I can find on my phone.

      • they will for sure grow on dead poplar logs or stumps.. Let me know if you find them..

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