Friday Rambles.. Grab the “O S$#^T Bar” and hold on..

Hey Folks,

I wish I could say come over, have a coffee but nope.. I am dreaming of summer visits around the newly designed visiting area’s outside.. So grab your zoom screen, your hot cuppa and pretend we are all having a big old at the table meeting in the new way..

So first the good news.. As most will remember we had some very hard core (I am truly break down into tears grateful to have my husband each day) medical issues this past year.

The heart issues are stable with meds at this point but we have been working hard to get with medication his blood sugar numbers down.. We have changed so much and he has been faithful in his excerise plan and weight loss and so much more.. In later fall we got his AIC which was at 9.7(canadian System numbers being used)

We got our first AIC test results since all the changes this week and he came in at 5.5.. this is outstanding, its in the normal range.. but its in the normal range with meds, excerise and a VERT strict meal plan.. He is also around 50 pounds less in weight over the same date last year now being around 160 to 165. Very proud of him.. One day at a time will help create better health overall.

Now on to the bad news..

I am not sure if its a canadian thing? or a truck or SUV 4 by 4 thing but our vehicles that are going to be taken on rough rides, rough roads the passangers side has this grip handle bar on the top of the door and when things are going to really throw you around even with or without your seatbelt.. everyone locally tells you to grab the ” O shit bar”

That lead car is me in the ice races a number years ago, that car was slipping and sliding all over the muddy track, the windshield was so covered with mud/slush that it was almost impossable to see ahead and I have never been so glad for seat belts, crash hemlets and steel toe boots .. I think what is coming locally for me is going to be just as a crazy ride..

Well for everyone locally in my province and in other places and counties, you had better be grabbing for your bars..

Ok, so if you do not believe that Covid is real.. just stop reading right now, unless you want to get the release of yelling at your computer screen or email or phone depending on how you read this, in which case read on.. we all need a release.. but if you want to try and tell me so in the comments, please refrain.. I will not read them, I will delete them, I will not reply and I WILL not post them on the blog..

So we are still in lock down here in ontario and they think we are going to be opening up to “orange” on Feb 16th.. We already have hundreds of found cases of the UK varient, we have found the South Africian Varient and we have had one Brazil Case in my province to date.

Now we are tracking the waste water in ottawa which will help to a point and there are this and that that will help if its used properly.. but we have also had a preview of what the UK Varient can do..

We watched it roll into one of our elder homes, rip though the elderly, the staff, the staff’s family and we had a over 40 percent dealth toll, never mind what the effects will be longer term (which is unknown).. the last offical report I read was that it was a 46 percent dealth rate.. It spread so fast, so hard.. it was crazy at the difference.

Right now, I have had more peaple’s lives touched by “the effects of covid lockdowns” in terms of early deaths due to health issues not being treated properly, suicides, overdoses, Marriages coming apart, peaple losing their homes, mental health issues coming to the front then I have had peaple that have gotten it.

In my own friends, I know 4 peaple that have had it confirmed by a test, I know a few more that I am sure did have it without a test, I have sadly had a few peaple who have lost their parents or their uncles.

And that is without a doubt part of the problem we are facing.. we are hitting a brick wall, a year into this peaple are getting really tired, they are in many cases between rock and hard place.

Sadly, it has not “personally” touched enough lives to really get the point home.. we have in so many cases had that 1st world protection.. the CERB made a huge difference to millions of canadian lives to get them though the first country wide lock down.. the roll out of programs after programs have been pushed.. not all of them great, some of them truly sucked and everyone will tell you none of them were enough..

But! for a huge percentage of canadian’s between never having had covid yourself or in your family, never having had anyone in your circle die and having the layer after layer in the past year of different forms of goverment and community support, we just do not undestand what is coming..

I am a strange one, I love storms, other peaple run from storms, I love them.. I love the power, I have never been a storm chaser but I have never hid from them either.. I meet them as they come.

when it comes to this brewing storm that is building right now in my province, I am preparing for it as best as we can, but it scares the M@^@%& F@%&@%& out of me..

We are in a race between vaccines (not going to happen) the provincal goverment need to open up to give everyone businesswise a 4 to 6 to 8? week window of sales before they EXPECT the UK varient to overtake the one we have now and that we will be in the thick of a brutal 3rd wave and fo us locally a 4th lockdown

Now they could all be wrong.. I could be wrong.. I am ok with being Wrong! I want to be wrong..

All the peaple lulled into a sense of safety, safety due to being young, safety due to being healthy, Safety due to being able to work from home, Safety due to where they live, Safety due to their job choice in life, Safety due to having enough income that they are midagating their risks..

Its all about to fly out the window.. its a numbers game.. and just like a gambler that has rolled well for the last 4 rolls, they are on a high.. and they are riding it.. they wil beat the house, they have the luck, they have more skill..

Nope, its all about the stats peaple and the house always wins..

In this case, its all about the numbers, the stats and the “house” aka some version of Covid 19 and its growing lists of varients are about to collective call the bill due..

Its going to hurt.. Hurt in so many ways.. HURT BAD..

and I am about to say something that will seem like I do not understand what everyone is saying in regards to safety. and after everything above, I am sure you are going to go WHAT?

Here it is.. Find your godram bubble folks, and HOLD IT TIGHT! We were NEVER meant to go though something like this alone.. NEVER..

The govements got that one right, we need each other, we need to support each other, we need hugs, touches, talk and it is NOT fair for a second to think that our spouse or our roommate or even in a busy household a mixed age family was EVER expected to deal with a pandemic mental and physical needs alone. We need our Tribe

So for what its worth, pick carefully, if you are not lined up perfectly.. DO NOT DO IT.. but they are out there, talk and talk and TALK some more.. find your peaple, find your tribe.. make your bubble, I do not care if you have to hide that bubble from the “snitches” or that it “breaks” the rules..

Bubble up peaple, create, use and be a support group for those you care about..

The goverment will try and throw this and that peice meal.. the community will try and help when it can.. but that WE ARE ALL IN IT TOGETHER..

Its a tag line peaple and good one , its also a bold face lie..

If We are lucky, very lucky.. we are out for our loved ones, ourselves and if we stretch wide enough, the next level of who we care about, be that friends circle, be that our church group, be that our garden or book club or our AA group or the coffee circle at the tims..

What we are not out for is EVERYONE.. Globally we are a big country that loves to act like a big fish, but if you have been watching, reading and listening, we just had our hat handed to us by the EU and the USA.. with a BIG OLD.. NO(USA) and WAIT YOUR TURN and we will tell you when that is by the EU..

O there was spin.. but that is the sum up.. you are on hold.. spin it whatever way you want.. but they are getting their vaccines.. you are not.. made that suddenly became real..

Don’t believe in the vaccines but still reading anyway.. fine.. that will apply in other things as well.. Take your pick.. it will apply..

Real and clear on where we fit in the order of thigns.. a hard pill to swallow because its not how we see ourselves.. Its a lesson but I am not sure we will have learned it fast enough that will stop 10,000’s or 100,000’s of thousand of more canadian’s deaths.

For those of you who hare living this right now.. Brazil, you are in my prayers.. for those that are in the grip.. I watch with compassion and fear in equal parts (the UK an the EU) for those in the slide downward, my heart does a double thump and my gut gets that tight sick feeling.. (USA)

and for those that have locked it down, keep it out! AUS, NZ and our North and so on.. stay strong, don’t bend at this point.. but don’t think you are out of the woods yet..

Stay strong, Stay Safe, Support your peaple, Share your faith in each other..

And hold on to that bar.. hard.. because the road is going to get real f$##&%” rough for the next while..

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9 Responses to Friday Rambles.. Grab the “O S$#^T Bar” and hold on..

  1. Silver says:

    Your husband has done amazingly well, and I am sure a lot of thanks is owed to you and your careful planning!

  2. valbjerke says:

    November 2019, I heard a rumour there was a virus running amok in a wet market. I promptly messaged my daughter and told her to cancel their three day annual getaway from winter trip to Vegas. She messaged me back and said ‘is there anywhere else we should not go?’
    I said ‘your annual ten days in Mexico. Cancel it’. I passed along the rumour and added….’this is it. The big one. The pandemic.’
    You get it. I get it. I have explained to those in my household (and anybody else that asks) that 2021 will be worse than 2020 in many ways. Buckle up. Get ready. Stay home unless you’ve no choice. Wear your damn mask. Plan the rest of your year now – think about what you need, what you don’t need. Tighten your belt. Keep your cupboards stocked. Your gas tank full. Start cutting the fat off – axe the cable package if you need to, drop the insurance on a vehicle if you can. Wear the clothes you have. Quit bitching about what you can’t do (go to the gym/eat in a restaurant etc), be grateful for what you can do. This is going to be a very long haul.

    • I am glad your daughter listened, I tried, I tried hard at the beginning and I went early and took the time to see a few peaple in person and to lay out.. some did heard me, others did not.. some of come around, others have not.. some are fully and totally in the live like it not here and can’t touch me or my family and others have their head in the sand.. lalalala.. but yup.. Its going to be a VERY long haul.. Thank you for your thoughts on this.. and yes to everything you listed..

    • Silver says:

      We had the same for my sister in-law’s birthday, which we were due to celebrate on 22/03/2020, same day as Mother’s Day in the UK. Husband and I were super wary of what was going on, and we made the decision to say we were not going to meet with the family as it didn’t feel safe. At the time we were made out to be awkward by the rest of the family….naturally we entered lockdown the next day on a national level.

      • That was a good choice Silver, I was thinking of you a bit when I was writing about tribe and how its been so wondeful that you have park walks and visits, the little gifts left on the window ledge.. I will admit that for my mom, I have been using amazon for her little things and in some cases its truly basic’s but it means its included in my prime shipping and so that really cuts the costs which help.. but I have gotten a little card here or there and a few things driveway dropped off that really has meant a great deal to me..

      • Silver says:

        Indeed, its the little things that matter. Even just a friendly word or hello means so much, especially now.
        We have been very grateful and pleased with the little community we have here and it’s not something I will ever take for granted.

  3. Widdershins says:

    Hubs is looking very dashing in that photo … good news about his health! 😀

    … as for everything else, agreed, agreed, agreed!

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