No Buy Feb 2015 – Week two overview

This was posted on payday this week by me on facebook..

Me.. this is no fun, no buy feb might be working but there are so few little things that make me all Oh.. A new movie came out, a favorite authers book come out next week, lets go for a tims coffee and hit the dollar store.. I feel a twenty burning a hole in my purse.. No, hey Miss T lets go to church basement an see what second hand teasures we can find..

Nope.. none of it.. instead I have time to do a set up and photograph session after grooming my guinea pig..

Me: what do you mean that is the last jar of that style of canned pinnapple, do I not have at least a case of it.. hmmm, you mean I did pinapple before I hurt myself last… that would in july.. ok then..

Me: Noooooooo my carrots froze.. whimper.. growl.. glare and feed to the pigs.. give sidewise glance at the bag after bag of frozen beets.. why did hubby not put up more frozen carrots.. o wait he did but we lost them when the freezer went… grrrrr

New message in inbox eve langlais  one of my favorite romance authers ( who also local to me and who I will get to meet at Romance the Capital) new book Grizzly love is coming out. Now you have to understand I ADORE this series, hot shifters, smart and tough pretty and curvy women and a mix of sass and humor to delight me..  I have been rooting for this youngin (compared to older men) to find his sweetheart and now I am going get to wait till march to buy it but when I do it will be a sit and read first time in one go

Ok,, All kidding put on hold.. none of the above are going to make or break me..

So on with the show..

Gifts this week

None  but Valentines Day is this weekend, so that could change for next weeks report.

Savings this week.. the same as last week..

Money that was saved

  • Regular allowance for both him and her -20
  • ebooks- 10
  • Movie allowance normal got every two weeks, split into weekly-20
  • Church basement-5
  • Coffee out- 2
  • Grocery- 50

Total Savings to date : 204 dollars in total.

What I miss most right now.. peas, I would love a big old bowl of peas.. but there is none in the house..

gooseberries 011







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5 Responses to No Buy Feb 2015 – Week two overview

  1. calliek says:

    I’ve never heard of this author before- do you buy her books locally? Or do you read her on Kindle?

  2. I enjoyed reading about your no-spend February. We’re on a Grocery No-Spend Challenge for February and it’s the first one I’ve ever done before. I *may* have been overly zealous, I’ve not allowed for grocery spending at all for a full month – milk, bread, butter, flour… We’ve just completed our second week and are entering our 3rd. I’m pretty impressed at how we’ve been able to get along but it certainly hasn’t been without it’s hitches… LOL –>

    ~Taylor-Made Homestead~

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