The Cow Kant Kick and one month in on milking..

Hello Folks,

Well as hard as it is to believe, we are now passed the month old milking routine, Glenda is out of the suckling size and into weanling in her halter (not that she is going be weaned anytime soon), Girl is well settled into how much milk she produces, although the high heat does seem to effect this to a point but we have added a second even larger water dish to her area, we have also needed to increase the amount of hay she is getting daily, the pasture is just not holding her(which is my fault as the sheep have grazed it to low), but I have finally hit that balance that we have just a bit of leftover’s between, that is what I am aiming for, I want her to have super fresh twice a day but I want it be enough that she is not out when between either.

I would love to her have her out more but with the heat and the issues between the biting flies and then the day where she didn’t use the shade and overheated, (baby brain?)I am taking the cow by the non-horns and she is being forced to stay in the much much cooler barn, sometimes she is in her huge double pen (this would be a area that on a regular cow barn would hold eight to ten cows? and sometimes I close the barn door and give her both her pens, the loafing area and the big middle area.

Glenda is a active, huge calf with tons of spunk and she is very much more like her father then her mother..

The milk itself is excellent, we have all we could use in the house, plus we are raising the calf, plus raising the bum bottle lamb goon, plus feeding the purrpots daily, plus having enough to feed the old hounds in terms of puddings, yogurts and even having enough to serve up a healthy dose of thick clabber to the chickens twice a week and O the difference in the egg shells!

I have started making a point of drinking one 2 cups worth of fresh cold raw milk daily, I do think it helped in regards to my healing process, but I am adding in boost now as well, I am starting to make a turmeric/cinnamon/ginger milk drink once a day, we will see if it as good as they say.. it comes with rave reviews and I use these spices a lot in my cooking but its hard to get enough into your diet just as a spice, so I love the idea of making a drink for it..

We are also making icecream now, much to my personal surprise, I find that I only need to make a batch every few days to be able to meet the needs of my icecream loving hubby..

We ordered in a cow kant kick, it will get its own post but it works like a dream and makes milking so much safer and calmer for both myself and Girl.. once it was properly fitted and I learned how to properly place it, it is on and off in two seconds.. so so much better then using the foot ties..

Are you milking? If so, are you milking a first time fresher? how is it going? Are you training a new animal to you? or to milking? How is it going? are you learning how to use that fresh in daily milk? Have you got enough milk that you find yourself using it for other uses then for human? how do you feel about that?

Do you consider drinking your raw milk daily a health benefit?

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17 Responses to The Cow Kant Kick and one month in on milking..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Great to hear everything’s working out so smoothly. (Bet you’ve got a killer handshake now, eh?; )
    SO much work, but so many benefits – good on yah Girl!
    I can only remember fresh, cold milk in my dreams of childhood…

    • its getting there, maybe some day, it will be legal again in canada

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Just to have the right to CHOOSE would be wonderful. Everybody used to drink their own milk and I’ve never heard of a Farm Family getting sick, have you? It’s just like that horrible scene in Walkerton: using “liquid nutrient” from sludge ponds instead of spreading from the manure pile and turning it under as was commonly done in the past… “Efficiencies” my butt!!
        Sorry, there I go, off on a rant again; )

      • So as I let out my big Miss Piggy to send her day in the pasture, I had to laugh, I swear I need to get this on video one of these days, we were saying our morning hello’s, rub behind the ears, lift the ears so we can say hi eye to eye and getting a big old back scratch, but she has gotten so big that when she wants to do the butt/side friend rub, I just get pushed over, so I have figured out that if I turn to the side, and put my butt on her’s and then wiggle, she does the same and I can keep my balance and we do the friend, I like you rub.. totally cracks me up..

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        “Cheek to cheek” takes on a whole new meaning… *LMAO*

      • yup, I bet I could sing alice the camel has two humps and get her to go at the bump. bump. bump part lol

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        OMG you’re too much!
        Thanks for the laughs and you have a great time the rest of your day!: )

  2. LuckyRobin says:

    That is a lot of milk. Glad you have so many uses for it.

  3. Marie says:

    Hey can you show the cow can’t kick thing? I’m curious. 🙂

  4. Claudis says:

    We not only have a Dexter, but a very small Dexter cow for our family milk cow. There are two of us and we milk a quart each morning from our 500# beauty. I feel lazy reading farmgal. The milk is delicious as is the ice cream, chocolate pudding, farmer cheese or mozzarella once a week or so. We got two quarts a day just after sending the calf to freezer camp, now decreased to an easy 10 minute daily job. The point is that I think farming can be scaled down, I love my 3 sheep, 15 or so chickens and 3 ducks; all of which can be cared for well in about 2 hours a day. The garden adds another hour daily. But reading farmgal is one of the pleasures of my day and she constantly inspires me with her energy and creativity.

    • Very nice, I have heard good things about your breed, and I can see that having a smaller cow could have many good points, I bet that milk is wonderful indeed. Enjoy all the perks that come with it.

      I am glad you enjoy reading the blog! It makes my day to hear it

  5. We currently have a standard Jersey but because we don’t have access to pasture and must feed all purchased hay we are switching to a JLow (mini Jersey x Lowline (mini-angus)). She will eat half as much and still give plenty of milk for our family of 6. Plus, because of the beef breeding in her, she will be an easier keeper in our cold climate. It was difficult to keep weight on our standard through the hard winter even with a good barn. I do make a lot of milk products with our milk and occassionally I will have enough that the chickens get some.

  6. Kodi says:

    The friend bump-bump with miss Piggy cracks me up! I can just see you two doing that! Love, love my little Alavina. This morning we got nearly a gallon from that little goat! I find I have to lock the pigs in the barn while I milk, though, or they are busting through their fence to get at the milk before I am done, lol! Gotta work on that fence security, obviously. We would love to drink the milk ourselves, too, and it is obvious she gives enough for that plus the hogs, but for now they get it all until the wormer residue clears her system.

  7. Kodi says:

    Oh, how do you put on the Kant kick? Do you hook the flank or back first? We got one for Moosette but never used it, as we had traded her before she freshened the second time.

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