The first Cut of the Ditch hay is cut..

Pretty much ever since we have moved to the farm, we have taken advantage of the fact that our county does not spray and instead three times a year cuts the ditch, we got out and rake it up and haul it in for either hay or bedding depending on the quality of it, and how fast we get it up and weather etc.

2012-12-24 369 (375x500)

We hauled some for the sheep and a huge wheel barrel of it for Girl, she approved!

2012-12-24 372 (375x500)2012-12-24 375 (500x375)

Glenda is a monkey see, monkey due kinda calf!

2012-12-24 377 (500x375)2012-12-24 378 (500x375)2012-12-24 379 (500x375)

Now I only have one issue, rain is to be coming tomorrow, and its not dry enough to be taken up as hay proper, I think I might have to read a little into if you can make a mini-salage bin and see if I can do that with the rest of it..

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