Working with girl- New gear and hauling ditch hay-bedding..

Well, decided that I wanted to get out and give Girl a run though to see just how much back sliding we had done since I have not worked with her for a good solid six weeks..

Somethings were fine, others not so much, plus I threw some new things at her..

So tied her up and gave her a nice brush down and checked her feet, did a little work, this went well, put her new (old)brichen on her that I got as a pair at that last sale for 5 dollars, its old and needs a good cleaning and for sure some leather oil but all in all does the job just fine, attached that to her front pad an we were set to give that a whirl.. that part went very well on the road, she was able to do “walk on” gee, haw, easy, and whoa, as well as stand and back with no issues.. good Girl!

then we moved on to hauling hay, didn’t go quite as well, with the new set up, the tie places meant that when she shifted the load, I got to see that done wrongly, that it becomes a bucking strap. poor girl, and she would not settle down enough for me to move it or shift the load, needless to say that was not fun and she stepped on my foot to boot! Thankfully, she was still with it enough to back when I said it sharply..

Finally got her settled, calmed and we redid the load so that didn’t happen again.. and then we hit the biggest snag of the day.. you see when we are on the road, she still understood that it was work time but as for the past weeks she has been walked up and down in her head gear and lead rope and then put out to graze, which meant that as soon as we started down the lane, she thought she could just head off and go eat, instead of staying in work mode.. and this became a running battle between her wanting to graze and me wanting her to stay in work mode..

Needless to say, I was doing my best to have things end on a high note, so we finished working back on the road, where her mind was on us and work instead of grazing, but I can see that I have some daily work ahead of me to get this bad habit removed! otherwise, I will have to order and put a basket on her so she can’t graze while working..sigh..

When she was little, I would often do the back lean in a stand an we worked to the point that this could go on for a few min but now that she is tall enough, I can’t do this anymore, so I had to get Dh to do the back lean and weight, she did great so today we took the next step in teaching her how to be riden and DH was not to happy about jumping up on her back and over while balancing with his feet a good foot plus off the ground, on the other hand, Girl was perfect, it didn’t even faze her.. Awesome!!

So the plan this week, go back to working with her to head up when in gear (no grazing) working on teaching her to spin on command(trick training) working her back with long leads both for riding training and also for training in her gear and brichen with her tie behind her pulling a tire..

Here’s to a good and productive week with my cow..

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2 Responses to Working with girl- New gear and hauling ditch hay-bedding..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    She looks quite content in the photo (but she’s also got a mouthful; ) Good luck with your corrections; but she is doing really well, isn’t she?

    • Yes, she is doing well, she just needs to be worked is all..I find unlike a horse which can be unworked and then come back under saddle if well broke and do well, I find that at least with girl, the more regular her training/working, the better she is, I think its a matter of routine with her..

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