Weigh in Week 8/11

After a week of really no exerise, and way! to much candy on my monday night out, I was feeling chicken to get on that scale today, must have been doing something somewhat right to counter chocolate fix.. as I lost .4 pd so in total down 50.6 pds since Feb 2010.  Going to start doing DH’s totals, he has lost 12.3 pds since Feb 2010. Its worth noting that DH needs to lose alot less weight then me, he is point in fact quite fit but is prone to gaining his weight in his middle which means that he needs to be quite careful about keeping weight off there.

.   Goals for the past week

  • No Eating after eight -5/7
  • Drink my jug of water -yup
  • Keep drinking my Rooboo Tea Daily -Yup
  • Take it easy and let my body heal -working on it..
  • Spend at least some part of the day out in the bright sunshine with a bit of skin showing if possable to let my body make a bit more vit D -O yes, I have been putting cloths on the line and just turning my face to the sun when I get the chance.

Goals for this coming week

  • No eating after eight
  • Drink my jug of Water
  • Walk 3 times this week
  • Reduce my portion sizes-NO seconds unless its veggies or salad.
  • Make sure I have protein for breakfast
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2 Responses to Weigh in Week 8/11

  1. Kim says:

    congrats on losing!

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