Hello Folks..

Are you local? Ottawa area ? or in Canada 🙂

Want to give a helping hand to just another day on the farm? Like Tupperware?

Awesome.. I love my fridge smarts.. food costs rising! let me help you keep that food longer in the fridge!

and I am working hard to build up a supply of the freezer sets so that I am able to remove single use plastics from my freezers!

saving money by packing lunches.. I can give a hand..

please feel free to join my facebook Tupperware group, its focus is on SALES.. please buy when things are on sales!! and I show case items related to homesteading, food prep and saving money in the long run!


Not a facebook fan.. not a issue.. comment on this post and I will connect with you privately by email

if you are local, we can figure it out, me deliver to you, you come to the farm, I might even give a garden tour as a extra bonus 🙂 if timing is right or live somewhere in Canada.. no worries, I can have it shipped directly to your door..

I am now set up to take paypal payments or etransfers..

I would love to work with you!  Not a fan of tuppeware yourself but you know someone who is.. be a friend and let them know that farmgal would love to have a chat and see if she can help them out!