Main Garden Goal for 2014-Produce at least 3 tons of food from my gardens this year!

What I am planting and growing so far in 2014

What is currently in the seed basket..

Garden updates for 2012

Worst year ever on the farm, got enough for fresh eating and very little put away, hard frosts took out the hard fruit crops all over the area, drought took out huge amount of my regular soft fruiting crops, drought took out massive amount of my main garden, the only things that rocked this year was the hugelculture beds and what they grew, which is pretty much all fresh eating stuff, had a good fresh eating growing season in the fall, but certianly didn’t help with putting away for winter. Here is hoping for a much, Much better gardening year in 2013..

Overall, if we took off 400 pds of garden produce from spring to late fall, we were lucky to do so and that was many potato’s

Well its hard to believe but the garden catalogs for 2012 are arriving in the mail, and its only another short six weeks before we turn over the new year. I have lots of plans for the garden for the coming year, including a number of mini challanges and goals for it.

Using the local Eastern Ontario Co-op for prices this year.May 2012

Rhubarb-Current harvest approx 30 pd–$110 in value

Garden Counts for 2011 to date

Hard Fruits

Apples-77 pds $77
Crabapples-44 pds $35
Wild Crabapples-61 pds $60
Cherries Sour-16 pds $28
Cherries Sweet-3 pds $4
Pears- 12 pds $24
Mulberries- 4 pds (this one is hard, try and price out local organic mulberries, so priced it like gooseberries?) $12
Plums-14 pds $28
Wild Plums-8pds $16
Peaches-22 pds $33

Total Hard Fruit $317

Soft Fruits

Gooseberries-13 pds $39
Elderberries-59 pds $177 ( I went with the local health store price for frozen per pd)
Chokeberries-26 pds $52 ( Went one dollar less per pd then elderberries)
Cranberries- 2 pds $8
High Bush Cranberries- 5 pds $20
Strawberries-88 pds $176 (went with the local organic price I had down from spring time)
Raspberries-48 pds $96 (went with the current price in store)
Blueberries (both wild and farm)- 13 pds $39
Rhubarb-65 pds $195
Red Currents-11 pds $33
Black Currents-None
BlackBerries- 9 pds $27
Grapes- 91 pds -$94

Total Soft Fruits $956


Beans=46 pds $33
Cucumbers-58 pds $ 53
Zucchini- 22 pds $ 22 (the price of Zucchini locally is crazy!)
Acorn Squash-22 pds $22
Butternut Squash- 68 pds $137
Potatoes-268 pds so far. $536 pds(local organic potota are running 2 per pds)
Basil- one quart jar dried $30
Tomatoes-311 pds $172(if I was buying them buy the bushel locally for roma’s)
Storing Onions- 36 pds $22
Green onions- 22 pds $22
horseradish-8 pds $32
Kale-12 pds $12
Collard Greens- 17 pds $17
Kohlrabi- 8 pds $16
Green’s salad mix- 26 pds $26
Romane-11 pds $11
Broccoli- 33 pds $33
Asparagus- 24 pds $48
Peppers-98 pds $81
Pea’s- 5 pds $4
Pumpkin- 60 pds $35
Muskmelon-10 pds $30
Watermelons- 18 pds $14
Carrots- 44pds $29
Beets-61 pds $61
Radishes-11 pds $11
Corn- 52 pds on the cob $18
Cabbage 38 pds $78
Turnips -37 pds $74

Total veggies $ 1635

Total count for 2011 to date oct 2011 =  Total Pds Harvested 2095 equals $2908

All basic prices are based on the average prices used at our Local Farm Boy for local produce, which was then compared to the local farmers market prices and if not the same averaged. I am aware that the prices will be higher or lower compared to different area’s but the goal is to figure out what it would cost me to replace them if I had to buy them at local prices.

Hugelbeet Overviews for 2011

Garden Overview 2010

Canning Overview 2010

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