Stand by..

I am here, letters and cards have mailed, packages have been mailed.. I am working away behind the scenes..

Having said that.. things have been a bit wow behind the scenes (its not me or Dear Hubby) but its close.. its not my story to tell.. and with that I will hold my words..

Which is part of the issue, every time I go to write, either I am in writer block or find myself writing about the “thing”..

It consumed my mind and heart.. there just has been no room for anything else, and when something like that takes that much of my mind.. my fingers will bring it out on the keyboard..

Those heart felt posts where a way to draw the hurt/worry and so much more out.. so I can’t say that I am unhappy they were written but it did not help with connecting here on the blog..

Hug your loved ones! Remember each day is new but its not a promise!


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