Blue Pod Capucijners peas-overview

 Blue Pod Capucijners (pre 1800)

A beautiful heirloom pea that is pretty enough to grow as an ornamental. Tall vines grow 5-6’ and the flowers and pods are purple. The very young pods can be used as a snow pea and the large olive green to brown seed is excellent in soups


Despite the drought, these peas were up in a row, other peas, did not come up or less then 50 percent came up, and in some other cases I replanted twice.. these had outstanding percentage of being up!


So pretty flowers, very heavy producer..


they are never more purple then when they are very young, we harvested then half the size shown for salad raw eating an they are good, we harvested and cooked them at this size, they were good but they tasted like young green beans, not pea pods.. odd, tasty but true


the older pods first get some green streaks to them and they slowly turn color, the third harvest was excellent, the average pod has eight but many had ten and at least 10 percent have 12 peas per pod.

The top brown pods were vine dried and are next years seed, the rest is mature seed that will be dried for soup use.. overall this pea plant on year one gets a solid 4 star rating.. and a 5 star for being a drought star and a massive producer

it looses .5 star for have pea pods that taste like a green bean, not peas, and it looses .5 star for not attaching as well as it should to the climber fence, you had to really help it train to grow where you wanted it..

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3 Responses to Blue Pod Capucijners peas-overview

  1. Love the farm gate trellis. Great reuse!

  2. judy says:

    Have you tried them in soup before? Do they soften up nicely?
    Where did you get the seeds from please? Thanks!

    • hi judy, I tried them fresh in soup and liked the flavour but just finished drying them all, I have a few quart jars worth to learn with, I do not know yet if they will be good at softening up, but I intended to find out. I got the seed from heritage harvest company in western canada

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