No Buy Feb 2016- Start Post

Well, today is the first day of the No buy feb, I like to share what we have in the house to help explain things.

Fresh Food from store currently in the house

  •  5 pound bag of onions
  • 3 pounds of carrots
  • 1 bunch of Banana
  • * Green Pepper its fresh but its for Puddin.. not for our use, but I do have frozen from the farm for our own use.


From on the farm- still fresh in cellar and pantry storage

  • Winter Squashes
  • Cabbage
  • Sweet potato
  • Potato
  • Winter Melon

Dairy..  I have 1 an half blocks of off-farm cheese, and I do not yet have a freshened sheep or goat on the farm, so other then canned or powdered milk and frozen butter, I am very much lacking all dairy.. It will be interesting on the cooking and baking.. but that is the point of a challenge.

The rest of everything that will be eaten and used in the next month will be from the pantry, so what do you think dear readers.. that’s not a lot of fresh food.. not really.. its going into the challenge pretty lean. What do you think you would find the hardest if you had the same things?

I will be sprouting for fresh greens, I have trays of micro-greens, otherwise, it will come from the farm, the pantry, cellar or freezer.

Thankfully, the hens are all laying strongly so we have lots of eggs coming into the house and I have a few fowl and rabbits that are ready for butchering, so we will have some fresh meat in the house as well.


Farmgal is ready for the challenge ahead. Today is the half way point between winter and spring.. and I can feel it, the solar heating from the sun in my living room is to the point that I am able to turn off the main floor heater for about eight to ten years using the solar heat instead.

So I have to tell a funny story, its a true story.. so Dear Hubby might have been moving slower then normal as its Monday or it could be that his alarm clock is five min slow. Regardless he missed getting out in time for the first bus, which means he could relax and hang around for a bit before leaving to make the second bus, so I said.. just drive in.

So off he drove into the big bus stop on the nearest big town, he still needed to use his bus pass to get from the park and ride to his work but it takes a lot less time..  fast forward a few hours and the phone rings, its Farmer T, she is at home today.. her truck need a repair and the part is in the same town that hubby parked in..

Fate it seemed was lining up today.. hubby could have parked in a few spots and he picked the one like a two min from the store that has the part LOL

Awesome, so he will be picking it up.. I get the store, we get the order figured out and its all good.. till hubby says in a low voice..


Me.. we do????

Yup.. pause..  NO BUY FEB!

I start to laugh, and said, it does not count if you are buying it for someone else that you are getting the funds back on..


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6 Responses to No Buy Feb 2016- Start Post

  1. Linda Sanders says:

    I think it is true that life just lines up perfectly some days! You are looking fantastic and your hair has grown so long since the last time I paid attention! Are you doing anything special to assist its growth like supplements or oils? At any rate you look beautiful!

    • Hi Linda,

      I felt the very same way, the odds of hubby driving to that further spot is very slim, it normally only happens once a month when he drives in to go to his writers group meeting in the city.. and I just loved how perfect it was for us to be able to reach out and help a dear friend..

      Yes, my hair is getting longer these days.. Its amazed me how fast its growing to be honest, I rarely keep it down.. for my hair care, one, I do not wash it daily, more like once to twice a week, I will rinse it but not wash, I bush it daily, I do give it a oil treatment once a month or so.. I do not use blow dryer if I can help it, when I do curl it, I use the hot steam rollers (not the hot dry curling iron) and I rarely use any other products on it.

      Thank you, I think my long hair makes me look just a tiny bit younger 🙂

  2. We decided to do no-buy Feb. I am not blogging it because I am not blogging right now because of our baby’s health issues. But we decided to go for it to help make up money lost the last few months because of trips to and stays at the children’s hospital. We have a couple cheats. First, since we don’t have a dairy animal right now we will still be buying our weekly milk but no dairy products except what we have stored in the freezer. We will also get our veggie box. And any needs (not wants…needs) for the baby and the pets/livestock are allowed. This will be our first year, I am interested to see how it goes. Thankfully we stored up a lot this fall so I am hopeful it wont be too hard. Time will tell! 🙂

    • Hi, I am sorry to read that your wee one is having health issues and I will hope that all goes well, I totally understand about you needing the break from blogging, I hope that if and only if you have time and the energy that you will comment over the coming month and we will compare notes.

      Cheats are important and I do the same, I hope that it will prove to be a good thing and help make up some of those funds for you, but in a time of stress like this.. please if needed, take a break even if its a meal or a day if that is what is needed.. and on a good moment, a good hour or a good day.. prep ahead.. having lived in the hospital for days when my daughter was born, my heart goes out to those that are struggling and making those trips..

      Hugs across the net!

  3. judy says:

    I agree your hair is beautiful!!
    Hope your little one Willowcreekfarm improves! Sending a hug your way & do take care!

    Milk would be the biggest problem for us by far!!!!! We’re sreaching right now for a sweet jersey girl. Due to health problems we had to sell our 4 lovely just freshen beauties along with their babies. Heart breaker but life takes over sometimes! Hubby makes ALL kinds of cheeses & we drink milk & then with baking it seems we’re always out. So milk would be hard for us!

    We’re lucky to have 3 huge gardens that saves us from buying store produce but every now & then something fresh & crunchy is nice. Been sprouting up a storm this winter so it’s helping there.

    Ok….my all time BAD habit (well….one of them! LOL) is POP!!!!! I know, I know what a waste of money, health & just plain dumb! I’ve been putting change in a jar every time I feel like paying one since Jan 1 so we’ll see what wins out first……the money jar or the pop company!!!!!!! LOL
    I’ve got my eye on a sausage maker so the money will be directed to that so that’s my Feb no buying!

    Ps….loving Puddin!!!! Too sweeeeeet! Puddin’s hair matches mine…..all over the place! LOL My jersey cow’s name was Puddin Pie!

  4. Good luck with your challenge….I will be following along 🙂 And that is a great picture of you by the way!!!!

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