Finally Starting to Feel Better

I am finally on the mend, the second round of getting sick meant it moved into my lungs and I needed to get a different medication in order for it to work on that infection, it took a couple days of being really ill before the meds started to sort me out, and its been a week of slow recovery, not how I planned to spend my long weekend but so be it.

I don’t have a lot to report on, I got one more maple sap boil done, and now its on to birch sap collecting for the next bit.. much more sap required to make the same amount of syrup but I will need do so a few small jars for my planned xmas gifts as I don’t have near enough maple for it this year.

I sorted seeds, and did counts, and got this years hard covered garden book, and I spent hours transferring info from the seed packages, and my head onto the pages, it was about as much as I was up to between rests/sleeps, and I am still tiring or lose my breath far to easily at the moment.

I had to cancel my trip for this weekend, and it was going to be such a hoot to show and talk about on the blog.. a truck full of laides heading for a six plus hour drive with birds, goat kids to a huge one day tailgate auction.. I figured it was a once in a life time trip but it was a crazy time with little to no sleep and I just can’t do it.. sigh.. at least the ladies are going to be kind enough to see if they can find me a good deal on the birds I am hoping to add to the flock.

The flock by the way has had a full recovery, no issue at all once the first treatment was done, so glad that I didn’t choose to start over again.. the only interesting bird news is that I have a new rooster coming soon. I really liked Cuddles and was so sad that he “went fox bait” and so this is a cuddles brother that is joining the flock, I know that he wont’ be the same but I hope that some of the traits are there..

The goose is firmly sitting at this point, she is a full week into her cycle, so we should have gooslings in may with is perfect timing for them to be pretty much free range raised on the pasture with just a touch of my freshly ground grains to bring the momma and papa into the safety of the barn for lockup each night.

We are working to turn over one twelve foot by four foot bed in the garden daily from now on, with bigger work done on the weekends, at this time, only hubby is doing the turning, but I will join soon, I hope, I did get out bundled up yesterday and pull a few weeds..

My riding has been nil, when you are so sick you are in bed, you don’t get to ride your horse’s, I didn’t even get out to say hello for a number of day, and in that time, we had a power change..  sometime during that Bruno (Caleb) became higher in the herd then my Brandy but he is under Samwell, but Brandy is still over Samwell at this time..

That’s about it..

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1 Response to Finally Starting to Feel Better

  1. Ann says:

    So glad you are feeling better. It’s hard to get anything done when under the weather. Spring is finally here with an inch of rain yesterday, sunny and! drying up some today. We SO needed the rain.

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