Some fun time on the quads and in the bush..

2013-01-01 745 (600x496)

2013-01-01 744 (600x585)

2013-01-01 748 (600x450)

We also have a slower way to travel but dang it can go over and though pretty much anything, be it swamp, rivers, sand dunes, tree’s just to name a few.. We did a ride down to the lake, we did a ride to some of Big Brothers hunting grounds, he showed me a platform that he made and had used this season, and then we took a number of hours in the bush on a loop, we hunted for chaga and I brought home some form of lecin, which I indeed to use to make a color dye on wool and then use it to make some wonderful felted soaps with a deep personal connected for gifts back for the family.

2013-01-01 817 (600x450)

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