Health.. and all that goes with it..

Well, I am the first person to admit that over the past couple months, that It has seemed like I have had one thing after another to heal from and this leads to a few interesting things (and if any of you are thinking what does this have with homesteading, farming etc, lots because if you don’t feel well, it effects everything!)

So first I took the fall off Brandy, then I had a very nasty flu and a cold, and then I had that insane reaction to black Walnut, the lump in my one breast, and last but not least the cow kick..

If you look at it over a length of time, I see a few things, one it has been a bit of a rougher couple months then I would like to see, two, my body has taken a beating and has done a good job in many ways at healing itself, I have also gotten some outside help on this with folks trained in making sure my parts are in correct placement etc.

So really my body has healed well but its not perfect, the best news is that the lump got smaller and smaller with my different treatments and then one day just could not be found any more, but its still being watched..

Given the above info, I guess I should not have been to surprised when I went for a regular teeth cleaning to find that for the first time in years, that I have a tiny little spot that is showing signs of being weaker, certainly not enough that anything is required to do anything about it, but none the less, it means I need to include a focus on tooth health and allowing my body to have everything it needs to repair this minor damage before it goes further.

Look at that, I turned 40 and bam! LOL

Kidding, Kidding!

Ok, so being me, I have a saying.. Suck it up Buttercup! of course, I also love.. Get it done! and So Be it!

The question is which one of these first thoughts do I follow?

All of them..

None of them..

Truth is, suck it up Buttercup is applicable, I consider myself very blessed, while I am not thrilled that those above things have happened, considering what things could be.. I am just fine at this time.. Considering how well my body is and continues to heal these different things, I am grateful! Therefor, no complaining aloud..!

Get it done.. well that is a daily truth on the farm, the animals must have their food and water, they must have their things done, the garden goes on daily, the house, meals and laundry will not do itself!

So be it.. I love those three little words, I have often thought they would make a good tattoo if done right.. I say them a lot.. for me, they mean, ” This has happened, this is the results, I can’t change the past, and I am living in the moment and dealing with it as it comes..

This of course is very true in this case, I am living this moment and dealing with them as they come.. (others would say things like don’t sweat the small stuff, but I like So be it more, as it covers small, med and the big stuff~)

Having said that, my overall immune system is like the weeds and flies this year.. a daily battle, that while being held is not being won..

I require thought and energy to be given to this.. I’m not sure how to sum up this post.. so I will leave it here with for now..

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1 Response to Health.. and all that goes with it..

  1. bluestempond says:

    I agree with you and am frequently taken by gratitude that my body heals from all the clumsy abuse I throw at it. Similar to “So be it.”, I tend to say “It is what it is.”

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