Rending down Rabbit Leaf Fat

Lets just say that my big bucks that I raised up not just for meat but for full proper winter coats on them, were fat! FAT! they are free feed and Dh does not believe in giving out the ration on the bag, he filled the self-feeder, I often have to put my females on a diet for a few weeks before breeding if they have to much space inbetween as they also can get to fat to get in kit.

Needless to say, the amount of leaf fat in the rabbits I butchered out was high and I could not quite resist snagging it and putting it aside to render out.. after all Leaf fat (the fat that is inside the main body and around the kidney’s/loin is considered the cream of the crop in terms of pork, figured it should be the same for rabbit.

It went into a steel bowl that was put into a snow bank to provide chill on the butcher day and then into the fridge, it was cut into peices and allowed to simmer out the fats, then strained and cooled..

The plan was or is? to use the lard to make the dough to make a Rabbit Pot Pie, cuz that is just cool, rabbit fat in the pie dough to go with the rabbit pie..

Now a few things to note, first, the rendered lard is off-color, very, very soft, even being kept in the fridge and melts almost on contact with human temp, it has a soft lard flavour, this is not a lard that I can see having good keeping quality at room temp.

2012-12-24 2012-12-24 016 003 (600x450)2012-12-24 2012-12-24 017 002 (600x450)

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4 Responses to Rending down Rabbit Leaf Fat

  1. Do you think it could be canned? Cold cellar?

  2. I’m just now starting with using pork lard in cooking. I’ve only made biscuits and brownies, but I love the results! I don’t have leaf lard so it’s still a little porky smelling, so I’m trying to get some leaf lard for pastries, etc.

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