Hugelculture-Making “hill” beds for garden use!

This was by far the best seminar at the event, it was hosted by one of Greenshire’s members  for those of my readers that can watch video, here is a link to one that they have done that you might like, warning its long. They also have some small sqaure bale planting and also a short video on their own in work in progress food forest garden, one of the best things about them is that they are in ontario and gardening in the same zone as me!

This gentleman is a huge Sepp’s fan and is using him as his base for everything, the process is the same as what we used for our own beds

  • Part 1 -Step by Step with photo of how to make and build a Hugelculture Garden Bed
  • Part 2 -Learning as we go, I can see why the big boys all do this with a backhoe, ours by hand.
  • Part 3– How did they produce, the answer is they did Excellent!!.

So given the above between the Video and my own pages on step by step building, I am not going to repeat that but I will get into his Advice and Failure notes.

On the things that can lead is issues are

  • Side can erode rapidly- they do better with the proper 45% effect and you can load the sides with rocks and or plant them out to help create stabilty.
  • Not enough soil on the top
  • Your subsoil ends up on top of the organic layer-very hard on the plants, try and keep them apart when you are digging and on the placement of them back.
  • Sinkholes in beds, this is mostly looks, but just rebuild the spot, following the same method but on a very small scale.
  • Moles and voles- Not very common in our area, -get farm cats, allow them to do their thing, live trap if required.


  • Always GET more wood then you think you will need, stack it as close as possable to the site, it will sink as much as 1/3 to 1/5th in height within the first year
  • Build it as tall as you can, they made their seven feet tall, with a walkway on the top, so that by standing on the mound, they will be able to top pick their fruit trees.
  • Build it steep!, and if you do it to wide without the correct buildup, it can collapse in the middle and will have to rebuilt.
  • When planning, the outside edges at the bottom will endup 1 to 3 feet wider then the top.

I will be keeping an eye on this eco-farm and also on their different seminars, I am certainly not willing to spend a huge amount of money taking a course on their farm as I can build and learn on my own 🙂 but I have to admit that I would consider a longer course with him for a reasonable price indeed!


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  1. I like this post as well and it will be Re-pressed tomorrow, along with some additional info sources. Cheers!

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