Dark Day Meal 5- Lamb Chops with winter sides dishes

Well, there was no chance or hope to do my dark day meals while I was out in alberta, I had some amazing meals, has some lovely bison at my Dad’s, the most bland Free range turkey ever, it certainly did not taste like my free range birds, but the wow treats were at Big Brothers, with a wonderful Deer Roast and the most amazing Elk steaks!! I went back for seconds on the first meal and snagged one cold to have for breakfast the next day.. SO full of flavour, I had forgotten just how amazing elk is for a meat!

Now that I am home, would it really be a suprise that I am using lamb as my main meat for this dinner meal, its going to be simple but tasty.. I have put five lamb chops into the crock pot this morning with half a pint jar of homemade grape jelly, made from my wine grapes, the juice made from those two vines has an amazing acid base with just wonderful earthy undertones that will go so well with the lamb.

To this I am planning on using up what needs to be done, so I will be roasting up a butternut squash, with a touch of duck fat/dried stinging nettles/dried basil, along with side cabbage/apple salad, made with homemade mayo.

So off-farm items but within my 100 miles is Cabbage, Apples, Spices, Oil for the mayo, Butter.

On farm made or raised-Lamb, Eggs, Duck Fat, Dried Herbs, Butternut Sqaush, Grape Jelly.

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1 Response to Dark Day Meal 5- Lamb Chops with winter sides dishes

  1. Deb W says:

    OMG! You’ve got my tastebuds singing again!! These flavours are going together SO well in my head… Got room for one more at your table tonight? ; )

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