Preventive Health Care

So as regular readers know, a few weeks ago, while doing some reno and replacements around the old homestead, I had a reaction to the mold, that we were working to get rid of in the house, and my allergies decided to give me a solid run for the money, leading to antibodics and being very sick for a good while.. I have been getting better, slowly each day but I was also be very careful, well two nights ago, I turned over in bed and started coughing, and coughing and coughing and I coughed so hard that I moved a rib out of place.. thankfully late this morning, It was put back into place and I feel so much better already! sore but so much better..

For awhile, it reminded me of having gotten in a good old fashion knock down and you had take a few good solid tackles in mid body.. In the same time frame I had finally got my DH to go get his teeth checked, I wanted him to get them cleaned at the very least, we have coverage, so why this has not been done is just pure lazyness (sorry but its true).. Needless to say I was surprised to find out that he needed five fillings and one broken tooth pulled.

So he has been getting his teeth done, I have been working at healing and calming my allergies, and over and with all that, we are still trying to get parts of the house done and the garden never stops..

My DH came home from his last appointment having been talking to the nurse and they had looked at his x-rays, he has his wisdom teeth still in and the one at least is sitting sideways in his jaw line, and he said to me.. question for you, who is always worried about “what if” should you do preventive care, by having those not bothering me now, side ways sitting wisdom teeth pulled now, so that if it did go bad at a later date, it would be done..

It was a good question and I was glad that he is giving more thought to my questions and worries about what could happen in a short term emergancy or a longer slower decline of quality of living.  I will leave it up to him on if he choose to have those wisdom teeth removed or not, but its like I said, mine were fine until they weren’t and they wow, did they need to come out!

I am very lucky that both hubby and I do not take any kind of regular medication for our health, and we do both get regular physical activites on the farm, having said that both of us could use more muscle tone, strength training, and while I need to lose more weight then him, both could still stand to loss some weight.

Our eating habits are better then most, because I do make everything from scratch, I know what goes into our food, and yes, I do bake but a cake or a batch of cookies or a pie last a number of days in our house, and it tends to be considered well within norm for us to have one dessert a day, and I use alot of fruit or nuts in things to improve them, Cookies get oatmeal added, cakes almost always have fruit sauce in them, pies are fruit again etc.

As I make my own breads, I again make different multi grains and can add fresh ground flax or brand to the recipes, fresh farm eggs etc, I don’t worry about us getting good quality food, that is something that we are good one, but I still take extra vit D, as studies seem to show that everyone in our neck of the woods is low on it most of the year.

We don’t use sun screen, sorry to those that believe in it, I have done to much research on what is in those bottles and the total lack of control on the crap they can put in them, we use hats, long loose cotten shirts and pants, and we start getting sun in spring and put on a healthy farmers tan well into winter.

When I was younger, I just took my body’s strength and ability to bounce back from things as a right, but as you get older, and have been hurt a few times, you start to become more aware of just how much of a blessing having a healthy body and mind is..

So with that in mind.. if you are need to get something done medically and you can afford to do so, make the time to get it done! Work your body to make it stronger, Put as good of qaulity of food as you can afford into your body, you are what you eat. Do what you need to do to allow yourself to have a good nights sleep, and regardless of your choice in faith, spend a little time in prayer.

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1 Response to Preventive Health Care

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    All good advice FarmGal! “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” (one of Grandma’s favourites… from Benjamin Franklin)

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