Chores, New Lamb and Sheep Milk

Its been a busy morning so far.. first my ear does not have blisters, or white spots, and while its tender, it’s doing well today, just needs to be treated gently while it heals.

I am craving rubarb, which means that my body wants vit C so got a nice pot of strawberries/rubarb stewing away and look forward to that..

Chorse were much better today, its only minus 18 with a windchill of minus 27, compared to yesterday, its feel’s almost warm LOL  Woolie sheep had a fresh delivered little ram lamb waiting for me this morning, got lamb moved, took a little more work and a bit of grain offered to get Woolie into the jub with her new boy, but once got them settled, gave out fresh hay/water with black strap Molasses an a bit of milking ration with kelp and she settled right in and continued bonding with baby and was clearly cleaning him and he is up and nursing, so looks to be good at the moment.

Wow, does my calf Girl ever drink the warm water, I have started taking down a full extra jug of water 2x per day just for her, caz of course I want her to be able to drink her fill and compared to the sheep, she sure seems to drink alot. O well, there is room on the sled for that extra jug so its not a matter of another trip.

FF has settled down into a steady amount on her milking, and it does appear to be a liter per milking, twice a day, so that would be a quart a day, not bad at all for a single sheep, who is not even of a milking sheep breed.

I guess I need to dig out my soap making box and give it a go over to see if anything is missing or if I am good to start a new batch.

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  1. 40 Pounds By June says:

    Sounds like you’ve got yourself a little nursery! Stay Warm!

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